Citibuy Training

Citibuy Requisitioner/Receiver/Approver training is offered every second Tuesday of the month from 9AM to 3PM. Vendor Citibuy training is offered every third Tuesday of the month from 10AM to 12PM Procurement 101 training is offered every fourth Tuesday of the month 10AM TO 12PM.    All Citibuy trainings are located at  7 East redwood, 11th floor,  Baltimore MD, 21202. To request training please go to the home page and click Training. 

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Recent Awards

P550528 A50-209 Back River WWTP  to Sydnor Hydro, Inc. 

Baltimore City Employee Training Opportunities for New Procurement Procedures and Tools

The Bureau of Procurement is announcing several new tools for use by City agencies in the calendar year 2020:

New Bid Opportunity

The Bureau of Procurement has recently advertised a new solicitation for O.E.M. Parts Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings-B50005960.